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Saty ( सत्य ) 

Ahinsa ( अहिंसा )

Namrata ( नर्मता )

Ekta ( एकता )

School Rules and Guidelines

In a day, a child spends one fourth of his time in school and three fourths of his time with his parents Understanding this fact, parents should never think that by sending their ward to a good school, they have got rid of their responsibilities. The parents and the teachers work in partnership for the all-round development of a child. It is important to teach students to respect school discipline and be proud of it

  1. Parents must ensure that their wards join the school on the notified date at the beginning of the term or after each vacation.

  2. Parents must ensure that their wards revise lessons done in class and check that child does the homework regularly. Parents should take active and helpful interest in the activities of the school. Parents should ensure submission of Assignments and Projects in time. This will make child secure marks.

  3. Parents are requested to check the school almanac of their ward daily and note the instructions/Remarks made in it. It should be seen and countersigned by parents daily as a proof that remarks have been read. Failure to do so may defeat the purpose of remarks.

  4. Parents can convey their concerns regarding their wards. Scholastic and Non-Scholastic performance or any miscellaneous matter which is hampering the progress of child through Almanac. In case your concerns are 'not addressed’ within three working days, then either a mail may be sent to Principal or meeting with Co-ordinator/ Principal, with prior appointment may be requested, depending upon the gravity of the matter.

  5. Taking leave during working days is strongly discouraged. Parents are responsible to make up for the loss of studies in case of leave taken. The school will expect these students to be at par with the class in every way and that will have to be ensured by the parents.

  6. Gifts and Valuable articles like gold/ diamond jewellery (chain & danglers), facial make up like eye makeup, nail art & bindi, mehandi decorating on arms & feet, body art (Tattoo) is strictly prohibited in the school. Application of Mehandi should be restricted to the inner side of the palm and that too with prior permission. Hair clips, bands in black colour only are permitted.

  7. Parents to ensure that their wards attend school in neat and well ironed, complete uniform. Boys with short and decent hair cut and girls with plaits or pony as the case may be. In case of non-compliance, they will be issued Disciplinary cards. Repetition will de-bar them from attending the classes and parents shall be called to take them home

  8. Parents are requested to personally see off and receive their ward at the bus stop (especially Classes Pre-Nursery to V). Parents to carry their school parents ID card whenever they visit school to meet officials / teachers on working days and on PTM, otherwise entry may be restricted.

  9. Motivate your child to maintain a proper code of conduct. Any misbehaviour /indiscipline and damage to school property may lead to serious consequence(disciplinary action).

  10. Electronic gadgets (mobiles, i-pod, play-stations, audio/video players, camera etc) are not permitted inside the school premises as per CBSE school rules. If found, the articles will be confiscated for 6 months. If such instances are repeated, then the child will be asked to leave the school.

  11. Possession and consumption of alcohol, cigarette, tobacco products and any other form of intoxicating / illegal substance is strictly prohibited and will invite expulsion from school with immediate effect.

  12. Parents are suggested to send healthy hygienic fresh Vegetarian food only.

  13. Parents must ensure that their wards have packed their school bags carefully for the day. No item in the form of lunch boxes / pencil boxes/books/activity material/musical instrument etc. will be allowed entry in the school after the school begins.

  14. Child will not be sent from school with half day leave on pretext of any reason. In case the child is not medically fit to attend the school, then it's advisable to have proper care and rest at home. For other miscellaneous reasons (home functions, marriage, birthday etc), kindly check the priority and take an appropriate decision. Parents are requested not to make any social engagements or medical appointments during working hours. Under no circumstances the child will be sent back home once he attends the school. Any request or application in this regard will not be entertained. Child will be marked Absent if he/she is forced to leave school premises during the day.

  15. If a child is found unwell while at school or gets injured while playing, then school will inform parents immediately and will be allowed to collect their ward from school for further course of action.

  16. 16. You are requested to ensure that the birthday celebration of your ward in the school is confined to his/her classmates only and should be on a modest scale. Child is permitted to bring any chocolate / toffee (cost less than Rs 10/-) to distribute. Costly chocolates & cakes are strictly not allowed in class or bus. Students are not allowed to come in casual dress on their birthday. Students must report to school in uniform should not wear jewellery on Birthdays.

  17. No gift/sweets are to be sent for the staff members on any occasion.

  18. Encourage your ward to speak in English at home and provide him/her ambience to improve spoken English.

  19. Missing out on Periodic Assessment (Subject Enrichment Activities) and Mid-Term /Final Assessment directly affect the promotion of the students to the next class at the end of the session. Thus your ward's presence in all the Assessments places him/her on a safer pedestal and decides a better place in the class. Please take these Tests/Evaluations seriously and avoid absenteeism for the betterment of your ward.

  20. Criticism of the school, the Principal and the teachers should be avoided in front of children. Such criticism builds disrespect for the school and the child may find himself in a state of confusion regarding following the rules and code of conduct laid down by the school.

  21. The school rules should first be followed by the parents, such as paying fee on time, attending all PTMs, coming to school on calls from the teachers, the Coordinator or the Principal. Seeing the parents' positive response, the children will readily accept their teachers' instructions.

  22. Parents are requested to sign the reports, test papers, teacher's remarks in the note book and school Almanac and other similar documents so that they may keep in close touch with the progress of their child.

  23. Parents must log on to the school portal from time to time as all important information regarding the schedule of examination/ Inter house activities, change in syllabus and announcement of untimely holidays always communicated through the Homepage of the school portal.

  24. Bullying one of the biggest educational issues. Any incident of bullying, if notices should be brought to the attention of the school authorities at the earliest in order to achieve a safe and child-friendly environment in the school.

  25. In case there is delay in picking up the child from the school due to some unavoidable reason, the same should be intimated to the school reception at the earliest. Students under no circumstances will be allowed to leave the school premises unescorted.

  26. In case of change in residential address or contact number, a written application must reach school office so that change can be made in school records.

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