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1.  Collect a Registration Kit

Collect the registration kit which contains the Prospectus and the Admission Form for the session          2023-2024 at the School Reception Counter. This process of registration does not ensures admission.

2.  Submit the Application Form

Parents should fill the application form duly complete in all respect and submit with the following supporting documents :

  • Birth Certificate (Original with one photocopy): The original will be returned immediately after verification

  • Report Card of the previous class (For class I and above) : Photocopy

  • Proof of Residence : Photocopy

  • Aadhaar Card of the child, mother and father : Photocopy

  • Immunization History

  • Rs. 2000/- Registration Fee.

3.  Screening of documents & Baseline Survey

The documents submitted will be screened and reviewed by the admissions cell. Baseline survey of the child will be conducted in school. This is to find out that the candidate meets the minimum standards of the grade applied for admission.

4.  Interaction with the Principal and Fee deposition