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About Us

The Wisdom Global School is a place where limitless opportunities flourish. It is where the exuberance of childhood is nourished with care, so that every child grows holistically, be it academics, recreation, or emotional, spiritual or physical development. Here, we prepare your children for future education, nurtures their skills and instils in them the enthusiasm to be a learner for life. We are focused towards the complete personality development of the Child who enters the school and meet and beat the expectations of the parents, who completely entrusts us by handing over their dearly loved child.
We believe that a school is not a place where children pursues only academic excellence rather it's where they are taught the nuances of life, i.e., to be honest, have a caring attitude, to be environmentally conscious, show respect always and be cooperative. In all, these are the principles that nurture the child's mind for the future. Above all the intent of the education at TWGS would be make develop the child into a good, responsible and mannered human being.



The logo of any organization has its own evolving story, it has its own symbolic meaning that heightens it to the universality of the mission and vision of the particular organization, inseminating the same to the general. Hence it becomes mandate to feel the picturesque significance of our logo.

Logo of ‘The Wisdom Global School' has been encircled in two ‘BLUE RINGS’ in the feet of ‘"ण्मो जिणाणं"’ showing its spiritual motto (which means  I bow down to all Divine Entities in all Living & Non-Living beings and I request to all Living/Non-Living beings to give me an opportunity to serve unconditionally and destroy all my Weaknesses and Defects in Karmas) accepted by every wisdomite. Blue color emits the vibes of limitless sky, invoking the wisdomites to recognise the limitless opportunities and convert them into the steps of their ladder of success. The name of School is also written in Blue Colour highlighting its philosophy of limitlessness, whenever it’s the matter of  ‘ADOPT-ADAPT and ADEPT’.

Further ahead inside the Blue circles two arrows are in a constant motion in a clockwise  manner representing our ‘Karma Chakra' that indicates our ‘Recycling Actions', suggesting us towards our sustainable and holistic approach towards this beautiful world.  These green arrows act like TWGS' mission which is "Holistic Development" and their green color asimimilates our mission with our invoking to every wisdomite for its acceptance of sustainable approach towards the environment.

The artwork in center represents two students enjoying and learning in "The Wisdom Global School", forming a 'W' showcasing their hands alfresco representing the assimilation of the school’s name and acceptance of the motto of the School; meanwhile golden color of this artwork represents the purity. education, tradition, enlightenment, achievement and triumph.


The mission of The Wisdom Global School is to facilitate quality education by molding and carving the characters of our students with intellectual powers and strength of culture. The main motto behind establishing the institution is not only to prepare them for academic excellence but also to make them disciplined & courageous, to make them enthusiasts and good leaders. To enhance scientific & environmental temperament in students and above all to make them good human beings.



Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We foster our students’ love for learning, encourage them to try new and exciting things, and give them a solid foundation to build on.
We will do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated. We believe that a happy child is a successful one. We are committed to providing a positive, safe and stimulating environment for children to learn, where all are valued. We intend that all children should enjoy their learning, achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners.

Our vision is to support and nurture the children’s and our own natural desire to be life-long learners. We are committed to the families we serve, providing support and encouragement. Our Vision is a community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.

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