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Mr. Sanjay Dewangan


"THE WISDOM GLOBAL SCHOOL" retains its name amongst the ‘CHANGE MAKERS' for leading the educators, creating the educators, having MERITORIOUS BOARD RESULTS and inseminating the belief in general that ‘EVERY CHILD IS UNIQUE, FOR HAVING ITS LATENT CREDENTIALS', and here at TWGS we make the child explore, discover and hone its same latent potential, that takes sometimes whole life to get exposé, if it doesn’t get the ad-hoc ambience.
Flowers bloom perfectly, if they have perfect environment, proper care, nourishment and a strengthened root system. Children are  alike flowers clutching its own identical fragrance that is prone to fade in the air, if it’s not taken care.  Thus the school for such flowers is a garden which flourishes, prospers and nurtures every bud to bloom out its petals to emanate it’s smiling fragrance far and wide. In the same FLORAL PSYCHOLOGY OF CHILD EDUCATION AND THE HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT, educators at TWGS play the role of gardener while nurturing the children as variety of flowers having assorted identical fragrances that make them unique.

TWGS boasts of its high-tech modern infrastructure and highly qualified team of educators that act like catalyst in the process of blooming of a child and its innate talent. Apart from the core academics, we believe in bringing out one or the other latent talent of the child (e.g. writing and editing the ‘SCHOOL MAGAZINE’, ‘THEATER WORKSHOPS' to engrave theatrical skills, exploring the soothing tunes of music by getting the self engrossment in the lyrical world of ‘VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC', having the feel of being down to mother earth and playing with the soil in the ‘POTTERY LAB’, living the characters of the fables and novels along with the agile reading in the ‘LIBRARY’, learning and feeling the texture of their own woven piece of cloths in  ‘TEXTILE LAB’, maintaining the sportive spree by indulging every individual in one or the other sports in order to balance the physical and mental wellness under the supervision of Experienced SPORTS COACHES and much more of having debate, group discussion, stage presentations and so on…) that might become its full-fledged career option in the future ahead
Having the constant upgradation in the EDUCATION SECTOR is the need of the hour to cope up with the fast rolling time.  TWGS believes in the philosophy of ‘ADOPT-ADAPT-ADEPT’ whether it be the multi-disciplinary project based learning, inclusive experiential learning, individual project based learning  report writing or experimental learning. Our four houses ‘Saty’, ‘Ahinsa’, ‘Namrata’ and ‘Ekta' act like a catalyst that ignite the students’ competitive spree and prepare them for the arena of their professional world, by inculcating the sacraments of Indian culture and the real ethical meaning of their own terms. Our Team of educators with full determination is always at the call of students’ requirement irrespective of the time and space limitations.
We at TWGS make the students come out of their comfort zone and take the responsibilities of their own personality development by taking part in assorted academic and co-curricular activities well planned and mentioned in our ‘ACADEMIC CALENDAR'. We are committed to touch the sky limit of every possible option for the upgradation of our education system and for our children to make them fearless and all time prepared for their career adventures.

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