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U.C. Jain (Chairman)

Founder - Chairman, Velveleen Group 

There is no greater medium than education in the whole world that enhances one's personality and makes them stand tall against the high standards set by society. Along with education, respect and understanding of traditional values and ethics are equally important. Without this education, it will be like giving weapons in the hands of a soldier without proper training. To understand this better, we have live examples where highly educated persons without ethical values choose a path of terrorism whereas a lesser educated person with strong values happily sacrifices his life for the nation.

The key goal of this Institute is to inculcate multi-faceted values in your talented kids along with the highest level of proper Modern Education to set the correct foundation for a lifetime. This is what we call holistic development in the real sense. Holistic development might just appear as a word, but it carries the entire beauty of the world within itself therefore we aim to nurture sharp minds with multiple activities carried out in the school involving widespread subjects & personality aspects.

At TWGS we expect the students to learn respect for all and love for the youths, keep themselves safe while creating a secure environment for others, keep progressing towards their aim without making others defected, and strengthen the foundation of our Indian religion and values while respecting the goodness of others religion and values. One should have one's viewpoint but should be respectful towards others as well and at the same time should have the prudence to select the right and wrong path when faced with these options in the future.

I experience extreme gratification realizing that in just 8 years, a sapling sowed with parents and teachers is growing into a big tree providing shade and fruits with strong roots. I ensure you that with the blessings of 108 Shri Gupti Sagar Ji Maharaj, devoted and caring efforts of teachers, the unwavering discipline of the principal and the devoted efforts of the student, we will achieve meritorious education that will successfully be loved by your child to become a highly educated and responsible citizen.

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