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About : Cordinator

School Coordinator


Aditi Negi

As the school coordinator at TWGS, my vision is to foster holistic development by nurturing each student with love, care, and passion. Our goal is to ensure that every student excels in at least one skill, reaching their full potential both academically and personally. TWGS is dedicated to the betterment of our students, guiding them to achieve greatness on a global scale. We provide unlimited access to a wide range of activities, enabling students to discover and hone their unique talents. Our meticulously planned academic year is designed to benefit both parents and students, ensuring a seamless and enriching educational journey.

At TWGS, we strive for academic excellence by adopting innovative platforms that connect learning to real-life experiences, making education relevant and engaging. We aim to instill fearless public speaking skills through equal opportunities provided during assemblies. Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) educates students about global issues, fostering their growth into conscientious and compassionate individuals.

Beyond academics and co-curricular activities, we offer a nurturing environment where students learn to respect and value others, evolving into better human beings. We encourage our students to step beyond the school's boundaries and shine in the wider world, stretching our own limits to support their continuous development. Emotional support is always available, ensuring that our students feel valued and confident at every stage of their journey. At TWGS, we are devoted to creating a vibrant community where every student thrives.

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