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Secondary & Sr. Secondary Wing

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Grade IX to XII (Age 14 to 17)

The Secondary School curriculum further builds on the skills and knowledge acquired by the students in the earlier classes. Life skills like social skills, thinking skills – critical, creative, decision making and problem solving, emotional skills and attitudes and values are embedded in the curriculum. TWGS offers all three streams at the Senior Secondary level- Science (Medical and Non- Medical), Commerce and Humanities. The Students are guided on their stream choices based on their interest and targets. A systematic method of student evaluation based on projects and assignments within the framework of CBSE guidelines is followed. The infrastructure consists of a well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Fine Arts and Computer Labs along with a well-stocked library. Students are given a lot of exposure through regular seminars, workshops along with career counseling sessions.

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Teaching Methodology



TWGS, Collaboration allows students to actively participate in the learning process by talking with each other and listening to others opinions. Collaboration establishes a personal connection between students and the topic of study and it helps students think in a less personally biased way. Group projects and discussions are examples of this teaching method. Teachers may employ collaboration to assess student's abilities to work as a team, leadership skills, or presentation abilities.


Demonstrations are similar to written storytelling and examples in that students are allowed to personally relate to the presented information. Memorization of a list of facts is a detached and impersonal experience, whereas the same information, conveyed through demonstration, becomes personally relatable. Demonstrations help to raise student interest and reinforce memory retention because they provide connections between facts and real-world applications of those facts. Lectures, on the other hand, are often geared more towards factual presentation than connective learning.


The most important teaching methods for secondary students in TWGS include proper classroom management, motivation and a welcoming classroom environment, plus a curriculum and activities that address a multitude of learning styles. Teaching students visualization skills help them understand, recall, and think critically about the subjects they study. Wisely managed classroom technology and active learning: Peer instruction, discussion groups, and collaborative problem solving.

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Personality Development

A school is considered as the second home of a child. It is rightly said that the personality of children depends on the way parents deal with them. But this is the half-truth. The personality of a child also depends on his/her involvement in school activities. School is not only meant for imparting education, but it is responsible to shape the personality and character of a student. Along with education, personality development holds significance to run in the race of life.

A personality is a group of qualities that makes a person different from others. Development of such qualities is called personality development. A good school focuses on both the academics as well as the extracurricular activities to enhance the thinking ability of students, which in turn, develops their personality. TWGS also organizes cultural activities, games, sports, debates, etc and encourages its students to participate in these activities in order to boost their confidence and discover their special talents.

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Students of secondary & senior secondary level are encouraged to participate in a range of extracurricular activities and sports, along with developing all round academic excellence in preparation for entry to professional colleges and universities, both in India and Abroad. Skilled and gifted children are identified and groomed with extra care so that they may reach levels of excellence. At the same time we take care to follow up with children who need extra care and need extra motivation to participate in such activities.



Its not only about education but also about keeping our roots intact and so to ensure the same, we at TWGS make sure that we celebrate all the festivals such as Durgotsav, "Dusshera, Dipawali", Raksha Bandhan and many more. The students are taught to emphasize and make sure that they never lose the feeling of belongingness to their culture and country. Various events are also held at TWGS where students of Secondary and Senior Secondary level can participate. Through these events, the school tries to give an unprecedented experience to its students. Every possible effort is made by the school to help students learn something from these celebrations/ events. The information regarding every celebration/ event is provided to the parents via written circulars and school website

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At TWGS, there is a clear cut distinction between Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment which normally are used or treated interchangeably. Assessment is where the heart of the school lies and where the school has its core competency. We follow a systematic method of evaluation of our students. Projects & Activity based Worksheets, Internal Assessments are some methods cultivated to assess the student’s progress in the class. The emphasis here is to inculcate in each student an inquiring mind and not merely the acquisition of knowledge. Periodic Tests, Mid Term and Final Term examinations are conducted for students of Class IX-XII based on CBSE pattern. Internal assessments are carried out throughout the term. It comprises of assessing class activities, periodic written assignments and notebooks – class work and home work. The marking/grading is based on the mandate shared by CBSE.



Academics and sports complement each other in realizing the child's full potential. Participation in sports develops qualities of team-work, leadership, dedication, discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem. They make the child physically and mentally strong to face the challenges in life.

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Skill Development

At the secondary and senior secondary level, it becomes highly important for the students to develop real world skills and trades. To make our students comfortable with the real world industrial operations TWGS provides various skill development activities making them aware and widen their horizon for deciding their future path of professional life.

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In an attempt to make the students conscientious and proud Indian citizens, ‘The Wisdom Global School’ has collaborated with GREEN CAMPUS PROGRAMME which aims at creating awareness on the importance of keeping the school campus eco-friendly and generating minimum waste. The school also collaborates with Partenon Instituto in Cozumel, Mexico on regular basis to ensure that the students not only keep their roots strong but also are well-versed with the traditions of others around the globe. Model United Nations Club is yet another feather in the cap which ensures that the students of TWGS are impromptu, aware and always confident to take their stand in the communities around the world.



Excursions are one of the things school children look forward to during their school life. They inculcate experiences and memories which are extremely durable. An educational excursion with its natural dynamic environment provides a learning venue that matches students’ natural inclination to know more about things and engages even those with short attention span and puts the learning subject in context. Excursions at TWGS promote personal, social and emotional development of students, standing them in good stead to make smooth and trouble-free transitions, whether from Primary to Secondary school, or between later key stages. This fulfils the educational mission set out by the school.

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