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Meet our Holistic Mentor

Holistic mentoring is life focused, focusing on the whole person rather than the traditional form of mentoring that focuses primarily on career and academic goals, and is the best path to have the greatest impact for years to come.

Our focus is to help our Scholars complete their educational goals and become compassionate leaders and members of their communities, embracing the opportunities to make a difference wherever they are.

Our approach is about helping the students fulfill their true potential. Our mentors are there to support, encourage and guide the students in areas of decision making, values, behavior, family and friend relationships, finances, and even spiritual life if that is important to them. 

Holistic mentoring is about having open conversations with mentees and the mentors sharing some of their stories of success and failures with the mentees in both their personal and professional lives. Our mentors are open to sharing all aspects of their lives with their mentees, the good the bad and the ugly. To help the mentee reach their full potential, our mentors will want to explore with the mentee their innate gifts, aptitudes, personality characteristics and passions, so that the students have an increased self awareness of what makes them unique so that they can aspire to be the person they are meant to be.

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