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TWGS Facilities

At The Wisdom Global School, the buck does not stop just at academics and cocurricular, we go beyond to provide our students with an enriching experience that will stay with them for their entire life.  We make sure to spark the complete personality development of the students by providing facilities that are beyond academic boundaries.

To accomplish these many such facilities are being provided to the students of TWGS.

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Facility : Hall


A multipurpose hall is a space that is well-equipped to accommodate a wide variety of events, activities, and functions. We at TWGS have a good multipurpose space, this hall satisfies the needs of its assigned function – be it multimedia presentations, stage, and musical productions, physical education including yog, or Staff meetings.


Learning Labs

The Wisdom Global School houses a centre of excellence where different Labs are constructed to offer better opportunities for learning  and students can perform researches, experiments or even learn new things with the help of internet facility. This helps students to remember the studies in a better way by conducting their own experiments.

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Skill Labs

Skill-based education places the ownership of learning in the hands of students and helps them restrict the big gap of understanding. It promotes and develops the art of learning and development hence empowering the students to become successful in their chosen field.



Information is the heartbeat of meaningful learning in schools. At TWGS libraries we strive to create a learning environment that empowers students to connect with, engage with and utilize information in meaningful and purposeful ways. Fundamental to this learning environment is the development of a school wide information service where learners have opportunities to access multiple sources and forms of information and the appropriate technologies to do so.



The School has its own fleet of Air-Conditioned school buses, Mini Buses, Vans being driven by specially trained and experienced drivers and equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking and real time CCTV system.


Safty & Security

Safety and Security of our students is our upmost priority. We very well understand the when the parents send their kids to the school, they entrust us in providing them with the safe and secure learning environment. We at TWGS are committed and respect such expectations. We have taken various precautionary measures to avoid any accidents or mishap while the student is at TWGS.



Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs, tones muscles and builds strength, provides an all-over body workout, as nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming.​

Facility : Swim
Facility : SClass
health camp2_edited.jpg


TWGS has a well-equipped infirmary which is needed at school, rather it is mandatory.  Our infirmary has dedicated space where students can rest or recover when they need medical attention.  Infirmary of TWGS has a trained medical staff and nurse which has critical role within the school health program by addressing the major health problems experienced by children. This role includes providing preventive and screening services, health education and assistance with decision-making about health, and immunization against preventable diseases. TWGS conduct regular medical checkup programme for TWGS students to sensitize them about their well being.

Facility : SClass
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Smart Class

At TWGS we teach through interactive and engaging methods and smartboards come across as an effective tool. Teachers also use PDF annotator and Open Board software for better explanation of topics through PPTs and self-presented videos. Using these modern teaching methods and tools helps the students to grasp knowledge in a better manner and retain the concepts for a much longer time.

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