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TWGS has huge School building, classrooms, playgrounds, libraries, auditorium, seminar hall different subjects learning labs, lush green ground for all modern sports and a large swimming pool. These are the most important aspect of school infrastructure. The school hosts a spacious and intriguingly designed fully air-conditioned buildings, classrooms with scientific designed furniture and labs for skill developments which ensure holistic development of the students in TWGS.


Centrally Air Conditioned

TWGS is  the only fully air-conditioned school in HARIDWAR
Air conditioning is the perfect way to keep temperatures comfortable in hot weather.  When students are exposed to the hot weather it can reduce concentration, problem solving, social skills and more. A comfortable classroom environment is essential for learning.
In uncomfortable temperatures brain stops concentrating and focuses on cooling the body down instead.  Air conditioning creates better air quality in the classroom.


Handicapped Pro Infrastructure

TWGS always thinks that all children learn together, whatever possible, regardless of any difficulties or differences they may have. Inclusive schools must recognize and respond to the diverse needs of their students.  The infrastructure of TWGS is very inclusive for the children of special need.


Play Ground

Physical activity at THE WISDOM GLOBAL playground plays a critical role in improving the attention spans of students, decreases stress and anxiety, and prepares the little ones for class work. It also improves motivation and helps children try out things that they may not be inclined to try in a classroom setting. TWGS has huge range of sports & games activities includes Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom & Handball Throw ball Swimming, all the sports of Track & Field.


Dispersal Area

TWGS has a huge infrastructure of academic building with all modern amenities & facilities, very wide stairs in North and South blocks and ample lobby with multilevel exit opening for quick and safe dispersal.


Admin Block

TWGS has huge administrative block to keeps in direct contact with the parents, provides them with care and education support, and proper environment that would academically meet the criteria of students well. Administrative block has well equipped air-condition parents waiting area where a PRO guides them as per their necessities. This block itself has account department as well as well specious admission cell where manifestation of entire school activities is illustrated.


Admission Area

TWGS has a big admin block having different wings, one of the most attractive wing is admission cell, where Admission counselor supports parents one on one in their application process, and explains about large offering courses for different skills development through well established learning labs. TWGS’s admission counselor focuses on students first & also addresses student’s concerns and challenges throughout the admissions process while providing them the syllabus of proficiency test required for admission so that it becomes easier for teachers to understand strength & potential of the child. Admissions Area has big display of daily activities through TV monitor


Potable Water Facility

The provision of potable water at TWGS is one of the 'highly effective practices in increasing access and learning outcomes'. In addition to the necessity of water to maintain personal and environmental hygiene, reducing student dehydration in schools has been associated with improved cognitive abilities. TWGS has installed latest modern RO water facility in each floor of the building with water cooler. As research indicates that students remember more and stay focused longer when they are hydrated. In fact, studies have found that drinking water improves brain function.

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TWGS has well maintained and proper sanitation facilities to take care of the students health and hygiene. Wash areas are well planned so that they can be maintained and monitored for cleanliness. The urinals are equipped with auto water dispenser sensor for regular cleanliness. Every half an hour cleaning staff visit to check proper hygienic and required cleanliness of the area and the report is charted for monitoring. 


Conference Hall

TWGS has a big and fully air-conditioned conference hall which creates a calm atmosphere with no distractions, which allows students in the room to focus and listen to the speakerso.  The Conference Hall functions mostly as the meeting area for in-house meetings as well as student’s orientation with guest speakers.


Power System

Apart from conventional electric power, TWGS has 150 Kw non-conventional source of electric energy.  Non-conventional sources of energy are considered to be important as they are renewable, pollution-free, availability of them is in abundance, and they are environmentally friendly. TWGS always promotes green and nature friendly campus so that students can enjoy their learning in calm clean & in green environment.

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IT Department

TWGS has a huge IT department with modern technology which provides students with easy-to-access information, accelerated learning, and fun opportunities to practice what they learn. It enables students to explore new subjects and deepen their understanding of difficult concepts, particularly in STEM.  Highly sophisticated and latest US based time-table application which helps the authority to prepare time-table to meet required criterion. Modern application for OMR as well as application for question bank of all level of difficulties to evaluate students learning abilities in different order of thinking skill.

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