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  • The School has its own fleet of Air-Conditioned school buses, Mini Buses, Vans being driven by specially trained and experienced drivers and equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking and real time CCTV system.

  • All buses have a conductor appointed who travels by bus. All Pre-primary students are accompanied and attended by at least one member of the Staff and a governess traveling on the bus.

  • No more than the permitted and specific occupants are allowed in the particular vehicle. All the school buses cater for the safety features for the student on-board.

  • The buses run on a network of routes covering all the major areas of Haridwar, Jwalapur, Kankhal, Shivalik Nagar and Sidcul areas.

Transport Rules

  1. ​It is not possible for school to provide bus facility to everyone. It will be done on  ‘First Come First Serve’ basis according to admission numbers.

  2. School bus routes are drawn up based on schools convenience and demand while ensuring that no route is overly long. Parents should consult the school Administrator for necessary details.

  3. Parents should, for the safety of their children, ensure that their wards are always escorted to and from the bus stop. For children who for any reasons, have to travel unescorted, to and from their stop, an application mentioning the same must be sent to the Administrator. It is mandatory to carry the Parent/Guardian identity card while receiving the student on the bus stop or collecting the student from the school.

  4. Please do not enter school buses to see off or receive your wards.

  5. Please do not overtake or stop the school bus to facilitate the boarding of your ward as it endangers the safety of the children.

  6. Please do not get into an argument with the teachers, conductor or the driver present in the bus. In case of problems, please give a written complaint to the school office/Administrator.

  7. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters and is subject to change by the Administrator.

  8. In case there is a permanent change in stop and /or bus, permission for the same has to be sought through an application in writing to the Administrator of the school. The change shall become effective only after the school grants the written permission.

  9. The drivers are authorized to stop buses at designated stops only, unless otherwise directed by the bus teacher after consultation and permission of the Administrator/ Principal.

  10.  Under no circumstance are students allowed to go behind or under the buses parked in the school campus Students are also not allowed to sit inside parked buses during school hours.

  11. Students are prohibited to enter the driver's cabin or touch any instrument panel in the bus.

  12. A student using a school bus is expected to be at the stop at least 10 minutes before the schedule arrival of the bus. The student has to be on the correct side of the bus to board the bus.

  13. Students are allowed to use only their allotted bus and bus stop. There is no provision for temporary change in bus or bus stop.

  14. Student who miss the allotted bus, should not try to board any other bus. In such cases, it is the responsibility of parents to drop their wards to the school. Such student may, however, return by their allotted bus. The bus shall not wait for any student at any stop for boarding. The student should be present at the stop for boarding before the time of arrival of the bus at that stop or else the bus will leave for the next stop.

  15. Students must make sure school bags and other belongings are properly placed in the bus and will be responsible for all their belongings while boarding de-boarding the bus. Bus staff /school shall not be responsible for loss of any belongings of the students while travelling in the school bus.

  16. Students must keep all parts of their body inside the bus at all times. They should not put their hands out even for waving.

  17. No object should be thrown inside or outside the bus. The consumption of edibles, drinks is not permitted in the bus.

  18. The driver's attention must not be distracted for any reasons. Unruly behavior like shrieking and shouting is strictly prohibited.

  19. Parents/Nominees of students who do not avail the school's transport should, present themselves at the school gate 10 minutes before the start/ dispersal of the school to drop /collect their wards. No student will be permitted to leave before school finishes.

  20. No girl child shall be first/ last to board/de-board the bus without the presence teacher in the bus.

  21. Students will be permitted to travel in the school bus only on signing of an Indemnity Bond by the parents/guardian in favour of the Principal of the School.





Kankhal and Jagjeetpur

Shivalik Nagar and Sidcul


BHEL, Tehri Visthapit and Shubhas Nagar



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