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Students gain a competitive advantage over others because current time prefers students with expansive cultural exposure and better adaptability. International exposure will bring more experience in terms of new skills, language, cultural intelligence, exceptional learning experience, etc. Studies suggest that when children are provided with international exposure, it not only leads to an enhancement of their soft skills but also imbibes superior critical and rational thinking abilities among them.

Model United Nations club is an integral part of building the foundation of future world leaders at school level. MUN is a fun and motivating experience as being part of these conferences activates students' imagination and creativity. The students can be sitting at home, watching T.V., playing games, etc. but instead students participating in MUN want to wear suits, work on a weekend and develop solutions to the world's most important problems. Although, it is immense fun to pretend being a world leader and finding concrete and implementable solutions but that is why students enjoy being a part of it as MUN is FUN and during the process they learn a lot more than what they learn in books and as it is FUN the learning sticks forever. MUN is a tool which support students and imbibes in them various important and practical skills. A few of those skills are public speaking, confidence, leadership skills, critical thinking, information literacy, social skills, productivity, media literacy and the list goes on.

Young people require Global Competence to make an impact in an increasing diverse world. And In order to prepare students to communicate, collaborate and lead across and tackle global challenges TWGS has partnered with AFS which has its presence over 112 countries and 17000 schools worldwide. They aim at three strategic impact rules:
•    Develop active global citizens,
•    Globalize schools and institutions
•    Expand access to intercultural learning.

AFS TWGS Haridwar

TWGS has been enrolled as a USO member school with an aim to enhance and create Global citizens by providing students and teachers alike, avenues to explore their potential beyond academics. USO is one of the oldest organizations in India, with over 15000+ schools associated with it nationally. The exposure thus received shall help them compete in this global environment.

USO TWGS Haridwar

Instituto Partenon Kinder Primaria Secundaria- A School based in Cozumel Island of Mexico. Preparing today’s youth for future requires strong partnership among schools at international level. The mission of this collaboration is to open the door to incredible cultural benefits and experiences by engaging our students to fruitful brainstorming session and joint projects. The students get the chance to meet students of Mexico virtually every month right from the age of 8 years. This helps in honing their inherent skills and personalities and make them globally competitive.

Mexico Icon.png

In order to develop healthy competitive spirit among the students, TWGS has take a step forward by preparing students for OLYMPIAD of all the classes starting from class 1 in all subjects including Maths, English, Science, GK, Computer and Logical reasoning. The students are given exposure to each topic in every subject by conducting regular qualitative and quantitative MCQ based assessment based on Olympiad. This promotes scientific attitude and temperament through innovative activities and use of IT in learning process and providing them with unique competitive platform where they can prove themselves.

Olympiad Exam TWGS Haridwar

NTSE is the most useful exam for the students. In India, most of the colleges have already reserved their seats for the scholarship of NTSE.  This test is designed for class X students. This exam is providing scholarships for those students who have skillful mental intelligence and got good grades in this exam. Teachers of TWGS imbibe competitive spirit among students from primary level so that our students can achieve and get scholarship of NTSE.  The National Talent Search Examination is one of the hardest school level scholarship exams in education system for secondary level students. TWGS works hard so that student’s talent is recognized.

NTSE TWGS Haridwar
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