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  • Do you have the playgroup in your school?
    Yes, we have the playgroup in our school.
  • What is the age criterion for Playgroup, Nursery and K.G.?"
    Age for Pre Primary wing as on 1st April Pre Nursery ( play group): 2 years + Nursery : 3 years + K.G. : 4 years +
  • Is your School a C.B.S.E affiliated?
    Yes! The Wisdom Global School is a C.B.S.E. affiliated school vide affiliation number 3530412
  • What is the academic year of the school?
    The Academic year is based on C.B.S.E. guidelines and is w.e.f. April to March. The School year consists of two semesters: Semester 1 : April to September; Semester 2 : October to March.
  • What is the Admission procedure of the school?
    Kindly click on the following link: Admission Procedure.
  • What are the School Timings?
    The Wisdom Global School have summer and Winter timings keeping in view of the change in climatic conditions SUMMER SEASON (APRIL TO OCTOBER) ClassesPre Nursery to K.G.------------------------- 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM Classes 1st to 12th -------------------------------------8:00 AM to 2:10 PM WINTER SEASON (NOVEMBER TO MARCH) Classes Pre Nursery to K.G.----------------------- 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM Classes: 1st to 12th----------------------------------------------------------- 8:30 AM to 2:40 PM NOTE: - School timings are subject to change as per weather conditions
  • What are the co-curricular activities in the School?
    The Wisdom Global School motivates the students to discover their hidden talents and nurture their creative spirit while learning. An involvement in creative performing arts including but not limited to Arts & Crafts, Pottery, Dance and Music helps students concentration towards academic discipline and provide them a medium of self expression. Besides, the school has planned for unmatched largest infrastructure of Sports in the region with the same being coached under well experienced trainers. For details please click the here:
  • How do you ensure the quality of the faculty of the school?
    The Wisdom Global School hires qualified teachers with good communicative skills to overseas the well being of your ward. The entire faculty is technology trained and uses technological teaching aids to make learning more interactive and effective.
  • Is your school a co-educational school?
  • Does the school maintain an academic calendar?
    The Wisdom Global School follows an Academic and Activity Calendar circulated to the parents at the beginning of every session. The Calendar gives an insight to an everyday activity that is being followed in the School including inter school competition, School Campaign, assessments, class excursion, School holidays etc. For details kindly click here.
  • Does every student participate in all the activities that are held in the school?
    The Wisdom Global School focuses on the development of each and every student as a whole for which it emphasises the participation of every student in all the co-curricular activities that is followed in the school.
  • Do you update the parents regarding the progress of their child?
    Yes, regular feedback is given to parents through Tele-PTM's After every formal Assessment/ Evaluation PTM is held.
  • Does the school distribute the syllabus to the parents?
    The School distributes the entire syllabus that is to be covered in every semester at the beginning of the School session.
  • Does the School organize Parents Orientation?
    The School organises Parents Orientation programme at the beginning of the school session.
  • Does the school provide maid to help students to go to the toilet?
    The Pre primary wing of the school is provided with a maid in every section to accompany the child to the toilet.
  • How many teachers are there in the Pre Primary classes?
    The Pre Primary wing of the school has two teachers including one head teacher and one assistant teacher to meet the need of the children at a tender age.
  • What is the fee structure of the school?
    For details, please click here.
  • What is the School Uniform?
    Students at the Wisdom Global School wear smart uniform. Separate summer and winter uniforms are provided to ensure students are comfortable no matter the temperature.
  • Does the school provide dining facility to the students?
    An optional dining facility is provided to the students to ensure that the students are provided with a nutritious meal. Weekly menu is made by a renowned nutritionist for the growing needs of the children. For details, please click here.
  • Does the school provide transportation facility?
    TWGS has a fleet of air conditioned buses, mini buses and vans that are driven by trained and experienced drivers. Transport facilities are available from every place including Haridwar, Jwalapur, BHEL, Kankhal, Sidcul, Shivalik nagar and Jagjeetpur.
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