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Satya ( सत्य ) 

Ahinsa ( अहिंसा )

Namrata ( नर्मता )

Ekta ( एकता )

TWGS Students Corner

Profile of an Ideal Student of TWGS

    • Has respect for values, culture and heritage and world peace.
    • Is courteous to everyone, respectful to the elders, friendly to the equals, loving and caring towards the juniors.
    • Respects the elderly, poor, disabled and strangers.
    • Is kind in thought, words and deeds.
    • Is gentle in his/her dealings with others, even when hurt
    • Is Neither biased nor prejudiced
    • Appreciates the good in others.
    • Is sensitive, compassionate and forgiving
    • Is cheerful
    • Maintains a good posture so as to make an impact
    • Does his/her best by seeking God's blessings and other's help. Venerates the image of God in every human being
    • Is always honest, overcoming the urge to lie and cheat
    • Insists on fair play; generous in defeat and applauding the victorious opponent.
    • Follows high ideals and faces difficulties courageously.
    • Makes mistakes a learning experience.
    • Is quick to apologize and slow to take offence.
    • Never puts of for tomorrow what one can do today.
    • Lends a helping hand at home.
    • Observes the personal time-table faithfully.
    • Yearns for the highest goal.
    • Strives for excellence.
    • Is zealous for the common good, name of the family, school, neighbourhood, town, state and glory of the motherland.

Attendance Rule

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School Timings

April to October

Classes: PRE-NURSERY……………………………0900 Hrs to 1100 Hrs (April to May)

0900 Hrs to 1230 Hrs (July onwards)

Nursery & K.G……………………………………… 0900 Hrs to 1230 Hrs

Classes: I to XII…………………………………….. 0800 Hrs to 1410 Hrs

Winter Timing

Classes: PRE-NURSERY to K.G…………………09:30 Hrs to 12:30 Hrs

Classes: I to XII...................................................08:30 Hrs to 14:10 Hrs

(Note- School timings are subject to change as per weather conditions)

For Pre-Nursery to K.G. School will remain closed on all

Saturdays & all Sundays.

For Class I to XII School will remain closed on all

ond and Fourth Saturdays & all Sundays.


1. The School office shall remain open on all working days and all Saturdays from 0900 Hrs to 1600 Hrs.

2. The School office shall remain closed on all school holidays.

3. No School business will be transacted on holidays & beyond office hours.


The Principal will be available to meet the Parents between

1500 Hrs to 1600 Hrs by prior appointment. Please contact Personal Secretary to the Principal for appointment.

Code of conduct

Studuents of TWGS should stand out as smart,confident & cultured individuals. The school expects from them to imbibe discipline as a second nature.

The school follows certain norms rather rigidly in the best interest of learners.

1.Every student is expected to bring his/her Almanac to school daily.

2 .Students are expected to take proper care of the school property they should not mishandle, damage or break expensive electronic items like the computer and smart board installed in the classrooms or any item of furniture or electrical fittings otherwise the students will have to pay the full cost of the concerned item along with the heavy fine.

3. Students Should not write, scratch or engrave graffiti on desks, chairs and other surface. Those indulging in such nefarious activities are liable to strict disciplinary action Respect the beauty of the classroom and of the school premises and report any damage they may observe

4. While moving in the corridor using staircase students should walk in a line and keep to their left Running in the corridor, pushing other children etc will not be tolerated. Changing of classrooms between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner. Loitering the school reception area is strictly forbidden. Movement in the corridor other than the break is strictly prohibited.

5. It is compulsory for all students to attend the assembly. No student should stay back in class during assembly without prior permission from the Class teacher/ Coordinator/Principal Students should line up for assembly as soon as assembly bell rings and proceed to their classroom in line immediately after the assembly.

6. Coming late to the class, especially after Lunch break, Games period or any other activity period/Lab is not allowed.

7. Students must show respect to elders and should love younger students. Using of abusive and filthy language in a school will lead to the suspension of students.

8. Students are not allowed to bring any Sharp instruments like blades knives etc to school.

9. Students are strictly forbidden to bring any outside books literature CD, DVD, pen drive etc to school without the permission of the respective teacher.

10. Firing crackers or splashing colour during Diwali/ Holi in the school premises is strictly forbidden. Non-compliance of this instruction can lead to expulsion from the school.

11. Irregular attendance, unjustified for unexplained absence from school, habitual late coming disobedience, showing disrespect to teachers and any other type of unruly and objectionable behavior are considered grave act of indiscipline which can lead to expulsion from the school.

12. Students must maintain the clean green beautiful surroundings of the school campus and do not deface it with toffee wrappers, disposal tumblers, poly packs and not to pluck flowers or uproot plants in the lawns.

13. Always be friendly to others in and out of the school. Avoid vulgarity in talk and behavior, never cheat or be unfair at play.

14. Accept whatever work is assigned to you courageously and try to face difficulties instead of wasting the time in idle gossip

15. Always be ready to lend a helping hand at home to their parent's brother's, and sister, in school to their teachers and companions and any unattended visitor whom they happen to meet in the school premises.

16. Always rise and greet when any teacher or visitor comes to the class room.

17. Never be cruel as cruelty is the trait of a bully while kindness is the mark of a gentleman.

18. Students should take pride in wearing their school uniform. Uniform should be clean, tidy and proper ironed. Be regular in proper school uniform even on PTM days.

19. Boys' hair must be cut short like army cut at regular interval. Clean shaven and no facial hair & long side burns are allowed. No fanciful haircut is allowed. Hair must not be tinted or dyed. Nails should be trimmed. Girls are not allowed to wear big ear rings, finger rings, nail polish, bangles and bracelets. Wearing of expensive watches and jewellery to school is strictly prohibited.

20. Students are not permitted to interact with visitors during school hours. They may do so only after permission is granted by the school authorities. They will not receive letters parcels or such things from outsiders directly.

21. The Admission number, name, class and section of the student should be neatly marked on all belongings of the students.

22. Students of class I-IV will write with pencil only. Student of class V onwards can use ballpens only.

23. Girls should come in proper hair style, no hair should come on forehead, girls having short hair will tie it with black ribbon or black hair band. Girls having long hair will plate their hair in two with black ribbon, girls having different hair style will not be permitted, hair colour and gel on hair is not allowed.

24. No student must enter other classroom and staff room without permission.

25. Students are not allowed to distribute any sweets cake a gift on their birthdays which is costing more than 10 rupees.