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prayer In TWGS

TWGS Students Corner

An ideal student of TWGS : 

  1. Has respect for values, culture, heritage and world peace.

  2. Is courteous to everyone, respectful to the elders, friendly to the equals loving and caring towards the juniors.

  3. Respects the elderly, poor, disabled and strangers.

  4. Is kind in thought, words and deeds.

  5. Is gentle in his/her dealings with others, even when hurt 

  6. Is neither biased nor prejudiced 

  7. Appreciates the good in others.

  8. Is sensitive, compassionate and forgiving 

  9. Is cheerful

  10. Maintains a good posture so as to make an impact

  11. Does his/her best by seeking God's blessings and other's help.

  12. Venerates the image of God in every human being

  13. Is always honest, overcoming the urge to lie and cheat 

  14. Insists on fair play; generous in defeat and applauding the victorious opponent.

  15. Follows high ideals and faces difficulties courageously. 

  16. Makes mistakes a learning experience.

  17. Is quick to apologize and slow to take offence. 

  18. Never puts of for tomorrow what one can do today.

  19. Lends a helping hand at home.

  20. Observes the personal time-table faithfully.

  21. Yearns for the highest goal. 

  22. Strives for excellence.

  23. Is zealous for the common good, name of the family, school, neighborhood, town, state and glory of the motherland.

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