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"Academics and sports go hand in hand, and only through a healthy intelligence can they be nurtured. The evidence for this fact is strewn everywhere. 'A healthy body nurtures a healthy mind,' it reiterates the importance of sports in developing intelligence. This ideology was embodied in the Annual Sports Meet held on February 11, 2023, in the vast grounds of TWGS.

All four houses - Ahinsa, Ekta, Namrata, and Saty - along with their respective incharges, clad in their distinct colors of orange, red, green, and blue, displayed enthusiasm, excitement, discipline, and a sportive spirit. The presence of the chief guest, Colonel Lokesh Sharma, added grandeur to the event. The grand welcome of the chief guest held ecological importance, as instead of presenting plucked flowers, a symbol of deforestation, the guest was honored with saplings, encouraging everyone to promote greenery.

Ms. Aditi Negi extended a warm welcome to the assembly, followed by the Annual report on the Achievements in Sports by the Principal, Mr. Sanjay Dewangan. Students welcomed the assembly with a welcome song and dance, showcasing their hidden talents. The assembly was addressed by the honorable Chairman, Mr. U.C. Jain, elevating the motivation of everyone present.

In accordance with tradition, the chief guest inspected the March Past Troops and lit the torch. The torchbearers, TWGS Sports Captains Vivan Chauhan and Vidushi Naudiyal, passed the torch to the other house captains. With the customary torch-bearing round of the ground, the event commenced with great zeal.

The torch-bearing round was followed by the hoisting of the school flag and the March Past. Thereafter, with the Oath of 'Honesty and Sportive Spree,' the Sports Meet was officially opened. Pre-Primary students exhibited their excitement through various races, including the Toffee race, Tricycle race, Frog race, Push the ball race, one-leg hop race, Hoola-Hoops race, Tunnel race, Relay race with parents, and Matka race.

To inspire both children and parents, the director of TWGS, Ms. Sonal Jain, participated in the relay race with her daughter Jiyana Jain and secured the first place. The Inter House Competition reached a neck-to-neck stage, heightening the excitement of everyone present. Teachers and students alike were enthusiastic in supporting their house participants.

Students who earned gold, silver, and bronze medals in SOF and Bhartiya Sanskrit Gyan Pariksha were also recognized between the various events. Ahinsa house retained its first position by securing 1050 points in the Inter House events on 'Sports Day,' while Namrata with 980 points, Ekta with 840 points, and Saty with 520 points secured the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions, respectively, in the 'Sports Meet.'

With a ray of hope for the sportive spirit in our pursuit of goals and, most importantly, in the race of life, the 'Sports Meet' for the session 2022-23 concluded with the 'National Anthem' on a positive note."

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