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Olympiad Exams are an excellent platform to boost the learning process of students. If a student prepares with immense commitment and great effort, the results will always be satisfactory. To develop an interest in General Knowledge and current affairs so as to help a student's all-round development IGKO was conducted.

Our heartiest congratulations to all students who participated in the SOF IGKO. Our kudos to all Zonal & School top rank holders - despite a challenging set of papers and tough competition, these students performed exceptionally well.
Following students of #TWGS were awarded for securing different positions in IGKO:
1. Arya Chaudhary- Gold Medal of Excellence
2. Bhavyakriti- Gold Medal of Excellence
3. Reyansh Agarwal- Medal of Distinction
4. Sameedha Singh- Gift prize and Medal of Distinction
5. Varuni Goel- Gold Medal of Excellence
6. Anurup Tripathi- Gift prize and Zonal Bronze Medal
7. Paridhi Singh- Gold Medal of Excellence
8. Aaryav Kumar Singh- Gift prize and Medal of Distinction
9. Sandeep- Gift prize and Medal of Distinction
10. Om Giri- Gold Medal of Excellence
11. Shouryaveer Gupta- Medal of Distinction
12. Ansh Nankani- Gold Medal of Excellence
13. Bhargavi Chaudhary- Gift prize and Zonal Silver Medal

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