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Teacher - 

Mr. Suraj Kumar

We all know very well that rhythm is the soul of all types of music whether it is dancing, singing or playing any instrument and for this very reason, after school hours we are Initiating our musical adventures by providing extraordinary activities and facilities of singing of Indian classical style and playing percussion instruments to improve physical activeness mental abilities and to enhance the musical interest in the classical and Western instruments like Tabla, drum set, Congas, Dholak etc along with Indian classical vocals. It helps to study smart by learning actual rhythm to the TWGS' s students. Different types of rhythm patterns change the way of applying ideas on the time with perfection. Different types of rhythm patterns includes:

1) Indian classical rhythm.

2) Indian classical vocal.

3) Semi classical vocal.

4) Semi classical rhythm.

5) Western rhythm and folk mix rhythm.

Note: We also offer the certificate courses in Tabla and classical vocal.

Teacher Name
Mr. Suraj Kumar
02:30 PM To 3:30 PM
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