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Western Dance

Teacher - 

Ms. Meenakshi

Dance is the way to exhibit heartfelt emotions in public. This is the art of expression that has no exact date of evolution or origin as it emerged on earth along with the origin of man on this earth.

No corner of the earth is untouched with this ancient art of expression and therefore per their cultural expressions, the movements of their dance forms have an individual entity, name and attraction. Some of the famous western dance forms that we have started training our students at TWGS after the school hours are as following:

Two Step, Waltz, Cowboy or Traveling Cha Cha, Polka Ten Step (also known as Ten Step Polka), Schottische, and other Western promenade dances, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Nightclub dance, Hip-Hop , free style and Bollywood dance.

Members of the dance club cannot only flaunt their dancing skill but also can groom their personality and shall never face the situation of blank and shame anywhere especially while having the moments of fun and frolic, whether it be with their relatives or close friends they shall be always and everywhere 'Most Wanted'.

Teacher Name
Western Dance
Ms. Meenakshi
02:15 PM To 03:15 PM
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