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Excursion Activity, trip to 'Beanstalk' situated in Dehradun

Students are confined to the four walls of a classroom for most of their day. The drudgery and the monotony of the four walls can lead to a stressful learning experience. However, educational trips organised by TWGS serve as a miracle stress buster. The very announcement of a school excursion gets students excited and enlivened. It serves as a break from the normal routine of a usual day in school.
Today, the students of class I went to a trip to 'Beanstalk' situated in Dehradun. The day started with a planterium view where all the students were sitting in a dome and learnt about moon, stars, sun and earth. After this, they enjoyed in a play area and performed various activities including role play of a doctor, policeman, Chef and Fireman. The trip ended with a refreshing dive in swimming pool during which they learnt different techniques to swim.

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