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International Gk Olympiad

The students of TWGS participated in International General Knowledge Olympiad conducted by SOF. All the students participated in the Olympiad with full zeal and enthusiasm. The results showcased how the students had shown their best to exhibit their knowledge.
MEDAL OF DISTINCTIONS for securing ZONAL Excellence was awarded to Saksham Giri, Jiyana Jain, and Devansh Garg.
GOLD MEDAL OF EXCELLENCE for securing Rank 1 was provided to Moulik Jain, Reyansh Agarwal, Sandeep, Arnav Singhal, Sanchi, and Vivan Agarwal for securing 1st rank in school.
For securing second rank Dhanakshya, Atharv Rai, Rishika Pundir, Arnav Panwar, Aaryav Singh, Reet Arora, Ridhi Gupta, Shaunak Aggarwal, and Anshuman Sirohi.
For securing rank 3 was provided to Bhavyansh, Aarav, Tanishq, Navdeep, Preksha, Varuni, Elina, Jayita, Jahanvi, Shagun, and Charvi.

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