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Olympiad Result

The Olympiads are exams conducted for school students nationally and internationally based on the school curriculum but aimed to enhance conceptual learning. The Science Olympiad was conducted online. The students of TWGS participated and secured many Medals of Excellence. The winners of The Gold Medal of Excellence are Jiyana Jain (Class I), Aarshabh Bansal (Class II), Uditi Keshwani (Class I), Abhay Kumar Chaudhary (Class III), Mayank Vishwakarma (Class IV), Om Giri (Class IV), Shriya Bansal (Class IV), and Hiral Chauhan ((Class V)). Anirudh Bhardwaj secured International Gold Medal. Divit Mehta (Class IV) achieved a Medal of Distinction. Zonal Gold Medal was grabbed by Darsh Mehta (Class I), Zonal Silver Medal Atharv Raj. Congratulations to all the winners.

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