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TWGS is proud to announce 100% result of CBSE board exam 21-22 Term I

Congratulation to all the students and their parents and teachers for marvelous performance in the class 10th CBSE board examination in Term-I 2021-22. The Students' consistent effort and perseverance under the guidance of their mentors helped them to reach academic excellence. Despite of the pandemic situation wherein, the students were struggling to take their classes ONLINE while the faculty members were working hard to deliver their lecture from the tiny instruments for ONLINE teaching, the students have exhibited commendable commitment, zeal throughout the learning experience at TWGS.
TWGS is proud to announce 100% result where 6 students namely ASHKA RATHI, MOULYA R JAIN, SHRIYA AGRAWAL, TANISHKA PARASHAR, TIYASHA PRAMANIK & VANSH KULSHRESSTHA GOT 100% in Computer. 5 students ASHKA RATHI, DIVYARAJ CHAUHAN, KANISHKA TIWARI, TANISHKA PARASHAR &TIYASHA PRAMANIK scored 100% marks in English. Two students ASHKA RATHI &SHRIYA AGRAWAL obtained 100% marks in Mathematics while 31 students got 95 % and above in different subjects.

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