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Wall Climbing Class XI

Adventure sports done in TWGS campus to build stamina & exuberance

“Prevalence of overweight and obesity in youth has steadily increased over the last decade, although it appears to have currently stabilized.”
Physical inactivity is a major contributor to this obesity epidemic, and more than half of American youth do not meet physical activity recommendations. Rock climbing and bouldering require both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, with the metabolic cost comparable to moderate to vigorous physical activity in adults. Minimal data on youth climbers exist, yet climbing is extremely popular with youth, and thus the sport may be a viable option for decreasing the prevalence of obesity.
Today students of class XI were given opportunity for adventurous activity, rock climbing in the TWGS Campus under the guidance of Sports Department. There were 15 students who participated in the activity. Students were excited for the activity and enjoyed the session.

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