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Teacher - 

Mr. Abhimanyu Singh

Model United Nations club is an integral part of building the foundation of future world leaders at school level. MUN is a fun and motivating experience as being part of these conferences activates students' imagination and creativity. The students can be sitting at home, watching T.V., playing games, etc. but instead students participating in MUN want to wear suits, work on a weekend and develop solutions to the world's most important problems. Although, it is immense fun to pretend being a world leader and finding concrete and implementable solutions but that is why students enjoy being a part of it as MUN is FUN and during the process they learn a lot more than what they learn in books and as it is FUN the learning sticks forever. MUN is a tool which support students and imbibes in them various important and practical skills. A few of those skills are public speaking, confidence, leadership skills, critical thinking, information literacy, social skills, productivity, media literacy and the list goes on.

Teacher Name
Mr. Abhimanyu Singh
02:15 PM to 03:15 PM
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