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Vocal Music

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Mr. Deepak Bhatt

What is Vocal Music?
Vocal music typically refers to any song whose vocals are the main focal point of the track. It can include a solo voice, chorus, duets, and more complex combinations.

Generally, a vocalist sings lead when singing the melody on a track. Harmony vocals often go with lead vocals. They may have a subordinate role to the melody.

In some cases, harmony vocals can serve as another melody alongside the lead. Backup singers may sing along with one or more melodies in unison or in octaves. Backup singers may also harmonize with other backup singers.

5 Types of Vocal Music
There are several different types of vocal music that people listen to every day.

Vocal music encompasses everything from opera to beatboxing. It can be as diverse as it is powerful and moving. So how do you define it?

Here are five types that best illustrate its fantastic scope:

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Vocal Music
Mr. Deepak Bhatt
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